About Prescott

Prescott is a wonderful place to live.  One of the unique qualities about our area is the diversity of settings.  We have the Ponderosa Pines, high desert, plains, mountain views, deep forest, golf course living, historical and other settings that make Prescott real estate so much fun.  We have a fantastic outdoor culture here in Yavapai County. Within Prescott there are public and private golf courses, forest trails, lakes, parks, biking trails, climbing opportunities, equestrian trails, lakes, a local airport…. Whatever your interest you likely will find an opportunity to enjoy your hobby here.

Finding a firm who knows the intricacies of our area is critical for a good long term decision.  There are literally hundreds of years of Prescott experience within our small family-like firm.  It is not uncommon for a long-time Lindquist agent to have sold the same house 2 or 3 times!  Choose your agency wisely!

One visitor’s opinion about Prescott:

“Australian Says Prescott Was a Joy During Visit”

Prescott Daily Courier